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Budmonde Duinkharjav
(Будмондэ Дуйнхаржав)

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I am a PhD student at NYU's Immersive Computing Lab, advised by Prof. Qi Sun. Prior to starting my studies here in Spring 2021, I received my BS and MEng degrees in Computer Science and Engineering at MIT in 2018 and 2019 respectively. During my time at MIT, I was part of the Computer Graphics Group at CSAIL, and was advised by Prof. Fredo Durand. Although young and immature as a researcher, I've found interest in exploring various topics in perceptual computer graphics, AR/VR, esports, computational photography, inverse rendering, light transport, and more. I hope to both refine and broaden the scope of my research interests to shape a more cohesive and directed academic career in the years to come.


Image Features Influence Reaction Time: A Learned Probabilistic Perceptual Model for Saccade Latency  [NYU Project Page]  [NVIDIA Project Page]  [arXiv]
Budmonde Duinkharjav, Praneeth Chakravarthula, Rachel Brown, Anjul Patney, Qi Sun

Instant Reality: Gaze-Contingent Perceptual Optimization for 3D Virtual Reality Streaming  [arXiv]
Shaoyu Chen, Budmonde Duinkharjav, Xin Sun, Li-Yi Wei, Stefano Petrangeli, Jose Echevarria, Claudio Silva, Qi Sun

Learning Non-stationary SVBRDFs using GANs and Differentiable Rendering  [Paper link]
Budmonde Duinkharjav

Teaching Experience

MIT 6.815/865: Digital and Computational Photography: Teaching Assistant, Spring 2019

MIT 6.858: Computer Systems Security: Teaching Assistant, Spring 2018

MIT 6.148: WebLab: Introduction to Web Programming: Co-Instructor
Lecture Videos: Winter 2017 and Winter 2018

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